Given that venture funded startups have a mortality rate approaching 90% and even new business at-large has a 5-year mortality rate of 50%, this type of article perpetuates the myth of the scrappy, green CEO / Founder fighting the odds and conventional wisdom to become fabulously successful. In dissections of failed businesses, the Bureau of Labor Statistics attributes failures overwhelmingly due to cash flow, which itself not only stems from lack of sales, but also in significant proportions mismanagement, incompetence, fraud, and management inexperience.

While I can get the thrust of what you’re going for, to paint the relevance and value of experience with a negative brush is very dishonest and a disservice to aspiring founders, most of whom quite frankly could use some better targeted experience or a very experienced team to help their chances of being of the 10% who survive the startup meat market.

I am a technical strategist and thinker who enjoys writing on the finer aspects of technology, business, compliance, and finance.

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